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Founded at 1986 by Mr. M'hamed Gara, Groupe Gara Confection is specialized in garment industry in military clothes and workwear.

The structure was strengthened in 2003 with Mr. Chekib Gara (Master's degree in International Trade from the European Institute of the High International Studies) and in 2008 with Mr. Naoufel Gara (Textile engineer from Niederrhein High School in Mönchengladbach in Germany).

Today, Groupe Gara Confection is one of the leaders groups in Tunisia within this sector of activity. Further the garment of military and working clothes our know-how being equally for the manufacture of:

  • Protection garment
  • Full weather garment
  • Waterproof clothes
  • Sportswears

Conscious about the evolution of the garment and textile sector in the world, our direction chose as polities - which were particularly confirmed judicious- based on 3 axes:

  • Extension of the group by investing within versatile units of production. This benefiting from a big synergy for the orders of big quantity and a strong autonomy for the small and medium quantities.
  • Highly qualified labors framed by a very experimented technicians.
  • Rigor and so serious guaranteeing and the quality of the process of work and the quality of finished product.
ISO 9001 certified, Gara Confection Group specializes in the production and treatment of waterproof clothing (one layer / two layers / three layers). The excellence of our respect for production and delivery time, allowed us to conquer several markets particularly known for their high level


Quality We have a very experienced staff and our product quality meets European and International standards.
Flexibility By anticipating user expectations and always listening to our customers.
Price We always want to offer the best value for money to our customers.